Monday, July 25, 2011

Ello! Ello!

Hi Hi! :)  Opened a blog and will try to keep writing if possible! :)

Ello readers! I’m a girl and I’m Vietnamese. I currently live in the USA. I love to listen to music and watch funny romantic dramas (mostly Asians), I love to smile and laugh (even though I might not be pretty or beautiful doing it), I love to make people smile and laugh as well. My hobbies are singing and writing/composing songs/lyrics (without music that is TAT, too poor to buy a piano or take lessons. T-T), I like to write stories for self enjoyment (though I’m not the best Author/Writer out there). A Vpop, Cpop, Tpop, Kpop, and Jpop fan! I’m a truthful person who can also be blunt at times. I would love to make a lot of trustworthy friends online and in real life (unfortunately people don’t find me interesting enough to make friends with or what?) I would love to travel the world and have lots of precious memories with love ones! I’m a happy ending kind of girl! Make me happy please? Love everyone! That’s it 4now!
Chao cac ban va hen gap lai sao nha! Ky but ~ Chuonie :D

P.S.: Chuonie loves to over use the exclamation mark on her blog and comments. Please forgive me. :(

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