Tuesday, August 9, 2011

IF Blogger has it's own Blog App like WordPress

Ello reader! I've been thinking that it would be a good idea if google can come up with it's own blogspot app for people on the go. I really like the WordPress app that I'm using on my iPod touch. It's really easy and convenient to use, plus it's FREE! I've seen the BlogPress app on iTunes but you have to buy it. T-T FREE is always loved more compared to the $$$ by people like me! :) Who wouldn't right? Anyways, I was kinda disappointed that I'm so unlucky and didn't get what I wanted every time I entered a giveaway. Lol. I thought putting more time and effort would help me, but it didn't. Then I thought of entering only once and that didn't help either. T-T Maybe having a not to much not to less amount of entries would help me have a better chance at winning???? Lol. Wateva. It is based on luck! Dats it 4Now! :P

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