Thursday, August 4, 2011

[CLOSED] A little bit of eki: Skin79 BB cream comparison + Giveaway

Hello READERS or NE1 who reads my blog!
I've just recently opened a blog and found this awesome giveaway using google!
I've been wanting to try a BB cream product like 4eva!
Would love to buy my own products but the problem is I don't have the cash.  T_T
So I decided to try my luck and win some instead!
I'm trying to go for a Gyaru or Ulzzang look/makeover!
Made a list of things I need and is hoping to win them all is possible!
First thing on my Gyaru/Ulzzang makeover list is BB CREAM! (The MAIN/IMPORTANT ingredient in these look!)
This could be a Life changing moment for me!  YUSH! XD
Now the hard part is putting them all together correctly.  T_T  

I know nothing about make-up and have been bare-faced for 20 years already.  :(
Hmm...I wonder what people thought of my natural face (disturbed probably :X). 
Even better...what about the all-doll-up one?  
GASP~ I'm getting excited just thinking about the new confident me!!!
Gotta watch all the tutorials I can!

Here's the Links to the GIVEAWAY BELOW!
Read the instructions carefully on the blog and read her BB cream comparison! (It is very helpful and knowledgeable!) 
She even has really nice tutorials too and lovely skin!  On YouTube! Support is always appreciated! 
Dat's it 4now!  La la la la la ~~~~~ Chuonie. BLAH :P

A little bit of eki: Skin79 BB cream comparison + Giveaway:


Here's the link if for some reason you can't get to the blog:
Google is so useful! :)

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