Friday, November 4, 2011

:3 Eureka --- :D

Hello my readers/followers!
Back in February or Mach of 2011, VietChannel at wordpress was no longer updated. A sad sad sad story indeed for their fans and that includes me!!!.... :( Since then, I've tried keeping myself updated with the Vpop Entettainment via Zing.Vn;however, I'm terribly horrible at reading Viet and one merely article could take me hours to read. >_< Too time consuming! Since my English is better than my Viet, takes me five minutes to read in English then in Viet, I've decided to find a another alternative to my Vpop news addiction (it's not that bad! :D I like exaggerating things! Maybe not? Lolz) Finally! I've founded it!!! VietPopWorld.Blogspot.Com I <3 them for generously providing Vpop fans like myself a new place to find news about the Viet Entertainment in ENGLISH! :D Anywho, please support them with a simple like/follow/subscribe button and comment, comment, comment!!! Please do spread the word to anyone!!!! Yes! Anyone will do!!! Preferabally, Vpop fans (or any fans) who aren't rude and negative and a hater of the Vpop Entetainment! Helping the Vpop Entrrtainment improve is with helpful and necessary comments and not the usual hateful and rude one from extreme extreme Kpop fans who are Viet and dislike all things Vpop or Viet in general and thinks everything is Kpop and nothing else in this universe. (besides the moon and sun and some other planets.) Thanks for reading my usually long rant about my eureka moment in finding another Vpop News Blog source! Follow me and comment if anyone is out there reading this! Do follow me on Here and Twiter @Chuonie and on FaceBook @ Dats it 4now! :3 Bye Bye::::::: la la la lA Chuonie ~~~~~AH

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