Monday, November 21, 2011

Recent Vpop Stalking ooohh~~~~ :D

Hi all!!! I've been quite busy lately and haven't blog for a while.

I've recently been keeping my eyes on the new girl group P.S.S. Girl Band at  You can follow and LIKE them if you like! :)
Here's a video of  Moi Hon by PSS (11-22-11: HERE IS MY HONEST OPINIONS: I've just recently had the chance to hear the real mp3 of this song and it was a disappointment for me.  The youtube video looks and sounds great but the mp3 is a whole different story.  The song was everywhere and background vocals just being thrown at you randomly.  My advice for them is to re-edit this song and remove unnecessary vocals.  The english rap or verse or lyrics needs a more fluent and better vocal, preferably less annoying.  You want the foreigners to know what you're saying especially if you are going to sing in their language. I'm not trying to be mean or hateful. Just some suggestions Anh Tuan and PSS Girls should considered. :D )

Here is a better song called Sac Mau Moi by PSS. (This one is more organized and you can hear the vocals more clearly. You can always found mp3 versions of this song at

PSS: I like Moi Hon by PSS. I can't wait for their MV soon! My fav member is Trinh Doll cuz of her vocals and Thu PinkyOh for her fierce dancing skills!!! 

As far as I know, they are under the wings of Dai Bang, Minh Tuan A#,  who is the creator of La Thang version 2010. 

Minh Tuan A# from his facebook atấn-A/174809379245335
Follow and Like if you want! :)

Here's PSS Senior Group: La Thang from their facebook atăng-Ver2010/171047512905340  Follow and Like them if you want! :)


I've found this new boy group called RainBowBoys at the other day.  You can follow and LIKE them here -->

RainBowBoys: As for the new boy group, I like the song Walk Away and their cover of Beast/B2ST "On Rainy Day" in Vietnamese. I'm a fan of B2ST so I like the viet cover alot cuz now I can sing along to it correctly. Lolz.

Here's two song rehearsal of the new boy group from their youtube.

My Opinion: I like the sound of the songs, vocals are good, rapper sounds soother and isn't as harsh as other previous rappers I've heard.  I really like the dance choreography, a big improvement for the Vpop world.  Let's just keep an eye out for them and see what they got next.  Can't wait for their MV to be release! :)

They are currently under Phuong Viet company. They already have 965 likes already since their album was uploaded on on 11-11-11, November 11, 2011.  As far as I know, this is the most members in a Vpop boy group I've seen.  I just founded out that this company will be releasing a new girl group called Rainbow Girls on their facebook.  I will be keeping my eyes on these groups. Lolz. 

I'm hoping to really become a proud fan of a Vpop group/band one day! I bet that's not too far away right??? I, myself wants to become a Vpop artist in the future and provide some input in the Vpop world. Lolz. Just a krazy impossible dream of mine. :D

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P.S.S.:  I've edit this post and added more information as well as some opinions.  Hopefully, my next post will be shorter and not as long.  Oopps... :X

(Credits: Pictures ---> PSS Girl Band facebook and RainBowBoys facebook.
Videos ---> RainBowBoysPV at youtube and OhGau and Pinkyoh1504 at youtube)

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