Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Japan's Gyaru/Gyaruo OR Korea'sUlzzang/Uljjang

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Have you heard of "Uljjang/Ulzzang" or "Gyaru/Gyaruo"?
These two types of Asian style and fashion is a BIG BIG BIG "IT" in Asia and spreading globally! 
These are my own opinions and what I know at the moment of each style. So please, don't bash me if I left out some info or anything relevant to this topic. Thank you! :)


Ulzzang Style - Cute and Natural. Style Standout: Circle lenses.

Ulzzang Girls
; ulzzang - rawrr ;

Uljjang Guys 


Ulzzang Couples
Most ulzzangs are found on and most uses handuri webcam program.

They even have a tv show about this ulzzang generation and what they are like in real life.
Gyaru and Gyaruo Styles   A glamorous and princessy cute style.  Style Standout - Bottom lashes, Lolita clothing, THE hair.
The Queen of Gyaru  Style - Tsubasa Masuwaka. She even has her own cosmetic and clothing brand/line! She's so PRETTY!
She even sings too! Talk about multi-talented! :O --- Her Dolly Wink brand. They sell lashes and cosmetic products.  Check it out! :)
 Gyaru have several magazines dedicated to this style: PopTeen, Men's Egg, PopSister, and plenty fashion magazines that are extremely famous in Japan.
So What is your favorite style or fashion?  Japan's Gyaru or Korea's Ulzzang? 
Personally, I totally LOVE both styles!
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Credits: GOOGLE IMAGES, Ulzzangs, Gyaru, and YOUTUBE! :))
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