Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Liebster Award: Nominted by Katie Bradley, Maisha Sharma, and Sarah Rizaga

Hii BEAUTIFULS!!!!  <3
I've recently, well, about 2 months ago (Jan. 29th 2014), got nominated by KATIE at REALISEBEAUTY.
Thank you Katie for the nomination and a chance to tell my lovely followers something about myself. :D

Here's the rules of the Liebster Award! 
And yes, I'll be giving the torch to 11 followers with less than 200 followers!
^^ Yay~~~ get ready for your own spotlight and a chance to let your readers know you better! :)
 So what are the Liebster Award rules?:

1. You must link the blog who nominated you
2. Nominate 11 blogs who have less than 200 followers
3. Answer the 11 questions you were given
4. Tell the people you have nominated you have done so
5. You're not allowed to nominate the person who nominated you
6. Create 11 questions to ask the people who you have nominated
7. You must be following the blog who nominated you


Katie's Questions for Me:

1. What is your favourite movie genre?
 My favorite movies genre is romedy (romance comedy) as well as action genres and animation. I like ancient traditional movies with fantasy themes as well. ^^
2. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
 Well, there are lots of things I wish I could change in my life. >_< Too many, cause I make mistakes often, because I'm extremely clumsy with crazy bad luck. Great combo no? :D 
Like let me give you an example: The internet modem was a bit slow, and I did what my siblings would do, pull the plug and replug it, and it should be fine. Nope, somehow, all the green lights became red, and no internet. >_< Then my sister came and replug it like I did, and it was fine again. TT_TT Really Internet modem?? Why are you picking on me?!?!  
Gosh, my sister would never let me touch or fix anything. 
She would say, "Everything you touch, die. So don't touch it." and minutes later, its working fine again when I don't touch it. >_< My sis has the hands of life and me the opposite, death. :(
3. Sweet or Savoury?
 I love sweets as well as savoury too! Hard question. But I guess I'll pick sweet. Can't get my thoughts off those super delicious desserts I've seen! Yummy!!!


4. What is your favourite lip colour?
 My favorite lip color would be either pink or coral. 
5. What is your favourite drugstore beauty brand?
 To be honest, I've never bought any drugstore beauty brand before. I only go to the drugstore for medications. Lol. But if I ever do go, I'll probably buy an eyeshadow palette or lipsticks/lipgloss.
6. What is your favourite fragrance?
I'm not very fond of perfumes or fragrances, they give me headaches, especially men cologne!>_< but I do like fruity or sweet scents. 
7. What is your favourite book?
I love books that have pictures, hehehe, childish, I know. >_< For me, just words can't describe as much as with what pictures can do. That's why Manga is my favorite types of book. Hahaha. ^O^ However, I like reading ancient or fantasy types of books: i.e., Good Earth, Harry Potter, Memoir of a Geisha, etc. But me reading a book is very rare...very...extremely rare.
8. What is your all time favourite song?
 I have lots of favorites that depends on my current mood, my all time favorite changes all the time. ^o^ I think the Doraemon theme song would be one of an all time favorite, because it makes me feel like a kid every time I listen to it!  If I ever is to have a cat, I'll pick Doraemon over all any day! ^^ Current favorite songs is on my music player at the blog!

9. What is the easiest way to make you smile?
 One word, food! Simple right? If you make me mad, just buy me something good to eat. ^^ I think food cheers me up! But I can get over indulge sometimes that now I'm having problems getting back in shape. Darn them pancake toasts and cream cheese wontons!!!
10. What are your favourite physical and personal features?
 My favorite physical features, hmm, my eyes? O_o 
Because my sis said I have big eyes and that circle lenses would make them freaky big. Still gonna... wear them if I have a chance to. :P
Personal features, hmmm, hmmm, my sis is said that I'm too honest and blunt. But I'm sure I never meant anything mean. Okay, one quick story on this. I was in choir, yes I love to sing but needs training, and the teacher said one of the girl in class in pregnant. So before class starts, I'm always there early and I would help this other girl who's there to put chairs out for people to sit during class. This job requires bending and pulling stacked high chairs out and there's this girl who "looks" like she's pregnant. So I assume and asked her to make sure, so that I can tell her that she should just sit on the singing bench instead of setting up the chairs. Well, I was wrong and she looks bloated because she's diabetic. I'm still sorry after this mistake, it sure makes me look like a rude dumbo. >_< I meant no harm, I swear! TT-TT
11. Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging because I wanted to make friends. I'm not very social in real life as I'm like a bird trapped in a cage. What I mean is all my life, I go to school and go home to do homework, then now I go to work, and then go home and sleep to get ready for work tomorrow. Hanging out with friends is so hard as well, due to my 7 days a week job. T_T I'm trying to get better at it. ^^
Wish I had friends like this. Taking selcas together and going places or hanging out. Gosh, I need a life. T_T


(Update: I just got nominated again by
Maisha Sharma at http://glamforgood.blogspot.in/ on 3/11/14)

Maisha Sharma's Questions for Me:
Q1. Your Biggest failure?

I regret, really regret when I was in fourth grade, we had a music contest from all the elementary schools in my town. I've been picked as the best student to identify all the classical music and songs that's been on the contest. Contest rule: You listen to a small part of one of the five songs and write down the name of the song, the writer, the symphony number. I can't quiet remember the exact songs in the contest, but I remember one of the song was the Magic Flute by Mozart. And those classical music sure had a long title for each and in German or foreign names. I was confident when I heard every song and knew exactly what to write on each 3 column per song. I kinda of hesitate when it comes to underlining the name of the songs as the columns has a line on it already. So I just let the column lines be the part where I underline the name of the song. After the contest, I received the 4th award for the music recognition contest. I was for sure to have won that music trophy, but forgot to underline the song name column. My music teacher told that I was the only one in the whole contest that got all the songs, artist, and symphony right, except for the underlining part. >_< I can never forget that ever. Biggest regret still now, but at that age I was just beginning to understand English. I know, the slowest learner ever.

Q2. What makes you angry and how you cheer up yourself?
Hm, people who lies. Foooooooddd.

Q3. If you could make one wish, what it would be?
I wish to have all the things I need and want to make me happy everyday. ^o^ 

Too selfish of a wish? Well, YOLO!!!!
Q4. Are you ring person or necklace or earrings person?
I always wear my earrings so that the hole in my ear is kept opened. Don't want to get it pierce again. Painful! >_< But I do also wear my four-leaf clover rhinestone necklace for good luck! ^^ Adding on the lucky elephant ring made of the elephant hair. I guess, just whatever I feel like wearing that will bring me good luck! Bad luck go away! *shoo shoo* Bad luck go away! >_<

Q5. One thing that turns you off?
People who lies and don't admit it. It's not gonna kill you if you admit you said or did something wrong. At least, the fighting will stop and a solution will be worked on instead of using other lies or actions to cover it. 

Q6. If you would be an animal, what would you choose and why?
A rare bird that people won't hunt and kill! I have dreams of flying and would love to fly like those TVB dramas I've been watching since I was small. ^^ 
Makes me want to watch Journey to the West again. Dicky Cheung is awesome!
  Q7. One thing you want to change about yourself?
How I see myself. I would love to love myself more and become more accepting of myself. I'm still struggling with self love. Help? :(

Q8. If you allowed to wear 3 make up products, what would you choose?
Lipgloss for sure, but scented if possible. ^^ BBcream and mascara. Yup. That's it. 

Q9. What first thing you notice when you meet someone for the first time like his hair, clothes or shoes etc..?
I would notice their face first. If I'm talking to them, of course I would have to look at them and their unique facial features. :D That's how I can tell who's who. ^^ Not unless they are wearing something bright, then I would look at that first, i.e. Bright Pink shirt or shiny jewelry or something similar.

Q10. Choose - your wardrobe or make up bag ?
Makeup is important to beautify oneself, but the clothes does make the person. I guess I'll pick clothes. Wahhh, I wish I own more pretty clothings. :(

Q11. You can't leave home without ?
My purse/bag full of things that I use and don't use. My purse is a big mess. I have lots of things in there that I don't use mostly a bunch of lipsticks. :D And alot of usb drives and a hard drive. I know I'm weird and yes, I like tech stuff too. ^^ But you never know when you need to backup you're stuff.

Updated again ^^: Just got nominated by  
Sarah Rizaga at http://sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

Sarah's Questions for Me:
1. Who is your fashion inspiration?
My fashion inspiration, hmm, Gyaru and Ulzzang inspires me to dress better. Lolz, as for people, Tsubasa Masuwaka and HyunA I guess. It varies based on what I see is pretty, so yeah, I don't have a particular designer that is my favorite.
2. Who inspired you in blogging?
 Michelle Phan, BuzBeauty, SasakiAsahi, lots and lots of beauty gurus that I subscribe too on YouTube.
3. What are your favorite summer essentials?
 Moisturizer, cute summer shoes, sun hat or cap, breathable clothing and um... my music player.
4. What is your favorite brand?
I'm an any brand kinda person. Whatever I like, I'll buy whether name branded or not. But I've been wanting to buy some LizLisa and Forever21 clothings. Just need to save up for it. T_T
5. Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, Why?
Audrey Hepburn, because she's an amazing actress! Very beautiful!!! :) This is the first time I've searched about her. She is truly an amazing person!
6. If you could go back in time, who would you like to meet?
My sister would love to meet all the wuxia ancient people and take them back home. O-o
As for me, I think I'll go back to the ancient times and see those historical people like the emperors and princesses. Maybe fall in love like those ancient Cdramas where the guy would take you flying across this beautiful place. Can I take him back home? ^O^
7. Morning person or Night person?
I'm a night person but to an extent, I can stay up for so long then I have to say goodnight. I'm not too much of a morning person, but during the day, it's not so bad. It's nice to be able to enjoy the sun once in a while. :D
8. Favorite movie actress?
 Right now, it's Liu Shi Shi. I'm a ShiGe fan! ^^ Even though she's not dating HuGe. :( I've been in this boat ever since I saw Chinese Paladin 3. Seriously, their chemistry does not spell brother and sister at all to me in CP3. Even in real life, they have something something. I don't know, them as a couple seems totally right. ^O^ Please don't mine my ShiGe Spam. Lol.

9. What is your favorite food and why?
LOTS of FAVORITES! I can't choose which one I like the best best. Hmm... but what I must have during any meal is like a soup base or noodles with my rice. :3
10. Can't live without?
I can't live without music, food, or technology. Those are a big part of me. But Food and Music is a biggie, I think I can live without the technology.

And my Nominee's are: *drum rolls*
1. AriaRhapsody
2. ChocoKittieHK

4. Feliza Farhana

  5. Fifi
6. Lily Star
7. ManhWa

8. Nicole

 9. Nivii Y

 10. Reygene Cruz
11. Stella

12. ViaYoona

 My Questions of for the Nominees are:
1. What is your true passion? 
i.e, something you would love to do everyday with a smile.
2. What's your inspiration or who do you idolize?
3. Are you a foodie or a music lover? 
i.e.; I like both. ^o^ So I'm gonna make it difficult on you. Mwuahahahha.
4. What's your top social app or website?
5. Who makes you laugh the most?
6. If you could travel back and forth in time from the present time to the past, where would you be and why?
7. Who's your all time crush or love?
8. What's the funniest things or experience that happened to you?
9. What's your lucky charm? *not the cereal of course ^^*
10. What's you're skincare routine or beauty secrets?
11. Truth or Dare and why?

Please don't take it too seriously now. 
I know everyone is quiet busy with projects and upcoming posts.
So if you're too busy at the moment, it'll be fine if you don't participate.
I know and understand since I'm always busy with work, and blogging is part-time. ^o^
I think everyone will understand. Right? ^^

Thank you for reading this!!!
It's my fault for not posting this earlier. Hehe...
I'm still glad and happy to be awarded this! 
I would like to thank all the girls for nominating me! 
I would also like to thank my parents, my sister, my family,....lolz, 
I wish I had a trophy for this. ^O^
Oh yeah, I also got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award on March 1st. So yeah, I'll be boring you with that soon too. ^^ So sorry. :(

P.S.: I'm so blessed with all your readers out there! I heart you all! And thank you so much for the support!!! I'm sorry for not being able to update more often than once a month. Sorry Sorry!!! Please do forgive me and continue on supporting me!!! <3 See you guys in the next posts! :D

❤ Chuonie ❤ 
Credits: Google and Me (Chuonie)


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