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1st Beauty Product Review: Tony Moly Wonder Water and Skin79 BB Cream in Orange

Hi Everyone!!! Yet again, I've let you guys down. :(
I couldn't keep up the 1 post a month thing going.
My job took to much energy for me to do anything else.
So this time, no more promises!!
So keep an eye out for my new post! I CHALLENGE YOU!!! :P

Every time I wake up in the morning it felt like as if someone beat me up and left me there.
Ever day is a tiring day, I hoping to break out of my "staying up late" habit as well.
Why do I stay up so late???
Sometimes I don't get home until 10:00PM from work and there's not much time left to do much.
Plus, I don't have internet at my house, so I use my work internet. T_T
Well, to think of it in a positive way, It's not all bad because I'm actually earning a little bit more extra money. :D For now, I"m done with the rambling.

The main point of this post is to review some beauty products! Let's GO!!!!

First Beauty Product to Review: 
TONYMOLY Wonder Water Moisture Cream 300ml

Product Info: I just copied and paste. :P
# Features
Big size for all family members.
: Contains 70% of Alaska glacier water instead of purified water.
: Bamboo water offers moisture, witch hazel water controls sebum, and peppermint water offers cooling feeling.
: Moisture cream, moisture pack, body care, water balm, hair care, hand and foot care

# How to Use
: After cleansing, at the last stage of skin care, apply a moderate amount.
: After working out or going out, apply to heated skin by UV rays and heat to offer lost moisture instantly


It is an awesome moisturizer that gives you immediate moisture and doesn't leave you greasy or oily.
The creme evaporates after a minute or so and leaves your skin moisturized enough but not overly moisturize with an oily layer like some other products do (ICK). It makes my face so soft and supple after my skin absorbs it. Uwaahhh.(≧∇≦) In the winter, my skin is so dry and very flaky. -_- But yeah, this was the fix for my extremely dry skin. By the end of the day though, my T-zone does get a little oily, just a little. No biggie. Better that red, dry, and irritated skin due to the lack of moisture. The good thing about it is that when I apply this creme it doesn't burn like other moisturizer that I've tried before. It's awesome!!! I've been using this for almost 2 years now. Don't remember the exact date but yeah, it's awesome and didn't give me any break out or acne, knock on wood, yet. A BIG THUMBS UP!!!

My Thoughts: I LIKE IT!!! <3 <3 <3

Texture: Watery with a bluish tint, just a little can go a long way. But if you are extremely dry like me one finger dip in the creme is good too! Use the left over for the neck area as well!
Scent: A nice clean scent. It's not too overwhelming. It is not a subtle fruity or sweet scent that I prefer but I'm actually fine with it. :)
Size:  A big plus for it's size. A big tub that take months to use up and you have to share it or else it'll take forever to use it up! ^^ A def bang for my bucks! Oh yeah~~~
Price: $18.98 regular price on JOLSE.COM. That's where I bought mine. ^^

Swatches and My picture of the Product

Picture of the Product

Product Info: like Ingredients and Such

What's inside the tube. It has a bluish tint.

With flash

Without Flash: So dry right? Sorry for my gosh hands, I use a ton of hand sanitizers for work. A TON! I work with the public And I'm usually dry in the winter so the sanitizers didn't help. >_< Well, now you know if this works or not.

Without Flash

With Flash

Without Flash: SOO MUCH BETTER, compare to the other side!

With Flash

2nd Beauty Product Review: Skin79 BB Cream in Orange

Rating: 3.5 STARS

I really like this BB cream because of the SPF 50++ and it's a bit less gray than the Pink one. I was expecting more of a pink white tone in the cream but it called orange for a reason. Actually much whiter than the Pink one!! I've been using this bbcream for a long while, it was an on and off relationship, lol. When you first apply, it it is a but harder to blend, especially if your face is dry. Please do use a moisturizer before applying this cream or else you'll look like your peeling and patchy. Use the Tony Moly Wonder Water with it!! ^O^ I wish it would give more of natural pink tone to my skin not make me look pale and ghostly/sickly. Have to use more makeup to give my face more color that the bb cream took away, like eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. I've used the orange BB for a while but I don't tend to do much to my face. The lazy/daily me wants to cover the flaws with the bb cream and then go. ^^ Skin79 is my first ever BB cream brand. I am quite surprise that through out the day, I didn't need any retouch or was sweating it off or anything. So surprised that my face was not even super oily or anything at the end of the day. WOW~!! And it's quite hot over here too!!! Amazed at the oil control in this product! :) And it makes you look very good on camera! Covers blemish pretty well. My face feels soft after everything settles at the end.

My Thoughts: It's a good product! I like the oil control!!

Texture: Thick, good coverage, covers blemish well. Orange tint.
Scent: A pleasant floral like scent.
Size: 40g - months of usage, just a little can cover a lot!
Price: $11.99 on Amazon plus shipping. Sometimes ebay is cheaper. Your preference!

Swatches and My Pictures of the Product

My pic of the product.

Product info: Ingredients, Directions and such.

First swatch of the product. I kinda pumped out to much. T_T

See! There is an orange tint to it! ^^ Still had too much, didn't know what to do but keep spreading the product up my arms. >_<

I can see my veins! >O<, those are veins of a 7 days a week employee! :P

But it seriously did good. The next picture makes a bigger difference!

See how it made my skin tone whiter and more flawless looking on camera! Yay!

Waterproof too?!?! I tried washing it off and noticed it's quite water proof too! Still looking good!


I'm still sorry for not updating as often as I should be! Sorry, sorry!!! Please forgive me!!!

See my puppy eyes? :3
I've made you guys Pancake Toast!!! 
*Oh please, except my apology~~~* sang in a Ho Ngoc Ha voice.

Yummy right?

Would you like some pancake toast?? :)

Well, here you go! ^_^
By the way, pancake toast is like the 4th thing I can actually cook by myself besides rice, eggs, and ramen noodles. Yup, you'll starve to death, make that two including me, we'll both starve to death if you have to live with me. Or we both can get fat from eating out too much! 
I've gained 9 lbs from just fast food and pancakes for two weeks! 
That's why I guess I've made "knows how to cook good like a chef" as a criteria for my future husband. ^O^ I mean, seriously, I can't cook. T_T I've made choco cake in a cup 3 times, thinking it was the easiest thing to make, like come on how can I possibly get it wrong? Not super bad luck comes in. Well. the first one, I ended up burning it, the 2nd one tasted to bitter because I added to much cocoa and odd amounts of ingredients?, and the 3rd one looked green somehow. A_A I don't know how I made the choco cake in a cup turn partially green.
Like I did not put anything green in there, so it's a mystery how I can just screw up practically anything. I gave up trying after that. Hahaha, I need help. -__- 
I make things impossible, possible with my hands, and not in a good way either. (-___-)
I'm not to proud of myself for not being able to cook anything good, or anything edible actually. 
I'm a bad wife. :(

I feel so sleepy during work everyday! I need a long hibernation! Life is soooo stressful!!! ;(

By the way, I have a facebook now!! Check it Out if you have time! :)
See you guys next time!!! Once again, I'm truly sorry! Watch out for me on the next post! :D


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    Andddd I remember when I was first learning to make pancakes. I made SOOOOO many batches before realizing the taste was off since I was using baking soda instead of baking powder XD My bf said his tongue was ready to fall off and was so happy I finally got it right!! Here.

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