Sunday, March 27, 2016

Simple Springy Everyday Green, Gold and Red Makeup and Late St. Patrick's Day Makeup :D

Hello my beauties!!~~~~ :) Chuonie here.
Posting a very late blog post about my recent makeup tutorial on my
It was originally, a St. Patrick's Day Makeup video, I did in 3 days.
It was a quick Oooh, I'm gonna do this quick tutorial on March 14 and post it on March 16 moment. Yeah, that didn't happen as planned. 
But my job kept me busy from posting this on time so it was posted a day late. And And And, YouTube decided to stop letting me use their free audio on my videos without muting my original video voice over audio on their Video Editor. >_<  That didn't happen on my first video, it was so smooth and no problems!!! So yeah, being new, I just tried searching for answers and just quit searching and used another music for my video through my video editing app, hence that is why the music is super tiny in this video, but hey, at least you can hear me loud and clear right!?!? 
This look is also a springy and has green and gold touch to it! =D
I'm still learning all this, but helpful hints and comments are definitely welcomed!!! ^^
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